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Counter Strike 1.6 Point Blank Mod Android v1.0 | CS 1.6 Mod PB 2020 Mobile v1.0

This time I will share for the first time a mod for android or mobile, namely Counter-Strike 1.6 Mod Point Blank Android v1.0 (CS 1.6 PB Mod Android v1.0). I also share for the PC version, but for the Android version there are still many deficiency, of the features that are not as good as the PC version.

download cspb android

For the PC version, you can use Scope, but for this android version you can't yet. For the PC version, you can jump like PB, but for the Android version you can't yet. And also for this android version Buy Menu is still using the original from CS 1.6.

Actually a lot of android or mobile CSPB mods are on google or youtube, of course this is different from the mod. In this mod I do not use HUD at all which is just like decoration and does not work, because I prioritize a comfortable gameplay and of course weapons that are all the results of my own mod.

List of Mods

Then what weapons are used?

Glock 18 Mummy
Raging Bull Nusantara
Luger P08 Brazuca
MK23 Ext
Scorpion Vz. 61 Newborn

M1887 Freedom
SPAS-15 Zepetto

Sub Machine Guns
Kriss SV PBIC 2018
Kriss SV M1LGR4U
OA-93 PBIC 2018
P90 Ext Endeavour
OA-93 Nusantara

SC-2010 PBIC 2018
SC-2010 M1LGR4U
CheyTac M200 M1LGR4U
AUG A3 PBIC 2018
AUG A3 Nusantara
Famas G2 Commando PBWC 2017
M4A1 Ext Freedom
Tactilite T2 PBIC 2018
AS-50 PBTC 2017
AS-50 GSL 2017

Machine Guns

Bone Knife Nusantara

Some Screenshot and Video

SC-2010 pb for CS android
tactilite t2 pb for CS android
scope pb for CS android
kriss sv pb for CS android
dual kriss sv pb for CS android
mod PB for CS 1.6 android
AUG A3 pb for CS android

Link Download

CS 1.6 Client
Mediafire | Google Drive

    Mediafire | Google Drive

      Mediafire | Google Drive

        CD KEY

        Tutorial Installation

        • Download all (clients CS 1.6, Xash3D, OBB)
        • Extract OBB using ZArchiver or whatever and place it on the SD Card (required)
        • Open CS16Client
        • Click Launch cs16-client!
        • Find for the OBB folder that has been extracted and named xash that already exists on the SD Card
        • Click the xash folder, then click set current folder
        • If nothing has changed, you guys repeat again
        • If a pop up appears, click Convert to RoDir, then click OK
        • If it fails, you can repeat again with the same steps
        • You can use the BOT MENU to add a bot
        • Enjoy
        And if you want to share to your blog, please give the link download to this post or this blog, not direct link. Sorry if there are many deficiencies in this version 1.0. You can make comments in the form of criticism and suggestions to consider in the next version. Thank you, don't forget to Subscribe to my Youtube channel.


        Fajar Abhirawa
        Abd Rahman
        Blck Ranjau
        Seven Foresight
        And many more

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