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Maps CSGO for CS 1.6 or CZ Part 1

CSGO Map for CS 1.6 / CZ - In this post I will share information about CSGO Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6 or Condition Zero or maybe Counter-Strike Extreme and his friends. I will share a collection of Maps Counter-Strike Global Offensive mods for Counter-Strike 1.6 or Condition Zero.

Before that, the Maps collection below was sourced from, so if you have downloaded it from the site, you don't need to download it again if you already have one. But if you don't have it yet, you can download some or all of the Maps below. 

Okay we go to the CSGO Mod Maps list for CS 1.6 / CZ.


map de dust csgo for cs 1.6

  • Key Authors Tatu Eugen
  • Original Authors 
    • David Johnston Original Map Author
    • Valve CSGO Version
  • Contributors Valve Textures

Dust II (dedust2) is a Bomb Defusal map featured in the Counter-Strike series. It is the successor to the original Dust.Dust 2 takes place in a Middle Eastern zone.The Counter-Terrorists have two objectives: to prevent the Terrorists from planting the C-4 at either of the two chemical weapon stashes (Bombsites A or B), or to defuse the bomb after the Terrorists plant. The map appears to be based in the Middle East, similar to its predecessor Dust. Dust2 is arguably the most popular and played Counter-Strike map and perhaps the iconic map of the franchise.


map mirage csgo for cs 1.6

  • Key Authors Tatu Eugen
  • Original Authors 
    • BubkeZ Original Map Author
    • Valve CSGO Version
  • Contributors Valve Textures
Mirage has been popular as a custom map among the Counter-Strike community for years. After Global Offensive was released, Valve decided to include the map as an official bomb defusal map. As with all official maps, Valve updated the visuals and tweaked the gameplay for better competitive play. For instance, the original versions of Mirage had textures similar to Italy, but was later updated to reflect a Moroccan style.


map inferno csgo for cs 1.6

  • Original Authors 
    • Chris Auty
    • Hidden Path Entertainment
    • Valve Corporation
  • Special Thanks 
    • CSGO Ports Team
    • RoOTns
    • Powerminecraft
The map is set in a small town with European architecture. In the Global Offensive version, the presence of the Separatist faction suggests that the map is definitely set in Italy, as evidenced by the signs written in Italian seen around the map. However, the separatist faction is also present in the Basque country of Spain and France, so it's plausible it could be there, too.

The map is loosely rectangular, with the Counter-Terrorists spawning on one corner of the map and the Terrorists on the diagonally opposite corner, and the two bombsites sitting at the other two corners.


map office csgo for cs 1.6

  • Original Authors
    • Alex Manilov
    • Hidden Path Entertainment
    • Valve Software
  • Creator
    • m3owth_47
It is set in the winter in a office building with parking areas and outside yards. Counter-Terrorists (CT) spawn zone is in a parking garage while the Terrorists are inside the offices. Counter-Terrorists can enter the offices by the front entrance, back hallway or through the glass windows. Near their spawn are rooms which can be used for sniping. There is also a backyard and a hallway at the back of the garage which leads to the offices. This path is connected to the main hallway and leads directly to the Terrorist spawn.

Front entrance is a small stairwell leading to the hallways. There is also a office room nearby with multiple windows. A long hall leads to the Terrorist spawn. The Terrorist spawn has two hostages. Next to the spawn is a projection room with another two hostages and a small storage. In Global Offensive, one of the storage rooms is changed to a small kitchen.

Arguably, Office is one of the more balanced Hostage Rescue maps in Counter-Strike as players will have even ground throughout the map and the hostages are easily escorted in the wide pathways.


map train csgo for cs 1.6

  • Key Authors Tatu Eugen
  • Original Authors
    • Christopher Mair Original Author
    • Valve CS:GO Remake
  • Contributors
    • Valve Textures


You can also see the video collection maps CSGO for CS 1.6 or CZ above

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