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PBIC 2018 Series PB for CS 1.6 CSCZ CSPB (PC and Android)

Hello, at this time I will share the Mod skin series weapons from Point Blank. To be precise, I will share the Mod Point Blank International Championship 2018 (PBIC 2018) series. This mod skin can be used for Counter-Strike 1.6, Condition Zero, Counter-Strike Extreme, Counter-Strike Point Blank, both PC and Android. 

About PBIC 2018 Series

This skin was made to enliven the Point Blank International Championship event in 2018. This skin is adopted from colors from South Korea and also the country's typical flowers.So  that the texture of this skin is very identical to that of South Korea.

PBIC 2018 is over and we already know who is the champion. The 1st place winner is Signature PB from Thailand. The 2nd place winner was won by RRQ Endeavour from Indonesia, and the last 3rd place was won by the Juventus team from Brazil.

List of Mods

Going back to the main topic, this skin pack consists of several weapon skins, including:
  1. AUG A3 PBIC 2018
  2. AUG HBAR PBIC 2018
  3. Amok Kukri PBIC 2018
  4. CheyTac M200 PBIC 2018
  5. Colt Python PBIC 2018
  6. Kriss SV PBIC 2018
  7. M1887 PBIC 2018
  8. OA-93 PBIC 2018
  9. SC-2010 PBIC 2018
  10. Tactilite T2 PBIC 2018
  11. C5 PBIC 2018 (texture)
  12. Mask PBIC 2018 (texture)

Screenshots and Video

In this pack I provide complete items such as p, v, w models, and dual and single models, of course with sound. If you are curious let's have a look at some of the screenshots and videos below.

pbic 2018 pb for cs

PBIC 2018 pb for CS

PBIC 2018 pb for CS

PBIC 2018 pb for CS

PBIC 2018 pb for CS

Link Download

Maybe just go to the download link, yes, for this time I only provide via Mediafire. 

Password: wildanwiarta

Maybe that's the post I made about this PBIC 2018 mod for Counter-Strike. Don't forget to share with your friends, and thank you for visiting this blog.

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