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Definite Series PB For CS .16 CSCZ CSPB (PC & Android)

Definite Series form Point Blank for Counter Strike 1.6, Condition Zero, Counter Strike Point Blank, Counter Strike Revolution, and Counter Strike Extreme. This mod can also be used on PC and android platforms.

About Definite Series

Skin Definite is a weapon specially designed as a symbol of the victory of the team from Thailand, DEFINITE GZ-GAMING from the World Tournament at PBIC 2015 in Indonesia. This is the second time for Thailand to win the World Tournament of Thailand, led by RaGoN, SaNoOK, Mickie, HudChew, SynOx and Guru Voo. It also sets a record for being "Undefeated" by any team.

Actually this skin has been around since 2015, but I just remember that I haven't made this skin long ago. So from that in this pack I will provide it with various types of models, from the hands of Tarantula and Reinforced Hide.

In addition, specifically for this Weapons Pack, all weapons are like using Quick Change Weapons and Quick Change Magazine on Point Blank.

List of Mods

This DFN skin consists of:
  • AUG A3 Definite 
  • Combat Definite 
  • Kriss SV Definite 
  • OA-93 Definite

Screenshots and Video

The following is a screenshot and video of this DFN mod skin.

definite series pb for cs
AUG a3 definite pb for cs
cheytac m200 definite pb for cs
combat machete definite pb for cs
kriss sv definite pb for cs
oa-93 definite pb for cs

Link Download

You must be looking for the download link, right? The download link is below and only available through Mediafire.

Password: wildanwiarta


Zepetto, Valve, Skript47, Abu Jafar, KeenHide, Balistic, Hessho, FeAr, Black Ranjau, FeAb, Wildan Wiarta, Next-gen dan Crew Counter Strike Revolution

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Thanks and enjoy this mod.

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