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Download CSPB Android 2020 Recommanded Version

CS Revolution Mobile - Hello, this time I will share for the first time about Counter-Strike Android. In this post I will share a mobile game, Counter Strike Revolution Mobile version 1.0, or it can also be called Counter Strike Point Blank Android (CSPB Android) version 1.0.

This is the first version for CS Revolution on the Mobile or Android platform. For this version, all weapons still use Point Blank's default weapon, Hud's appearance is still not completely like Point Blank, uses Point Blank Map, uses Point Blank characters, and many more.

This CSR Modile was also developed by my friends, who certainly came from Indonesia as well. Sorry if the first version is still not perfect, and there are still many bugs. Of course it will all be improved for the future versions so that CSR Mobile will be better.


Immediately, we headed to some screenshots of CSR Mobile v1.0 so that you are not curious.

cspb mobile 2020
dino mode cspb android
cspb android
After seeing a few screenshots above, we just go to the download link.

Download Link

Installation Tutorial

  1. First download game data
  2. Extrack File.zip uses the RAR application in Playstore
  3. Copy the com.csrevolution.mobile folder then paste it in the dndroid/data/... folder
  4. Install launcher as usual.
  5. Open the launcher and click Allow All Licensing.
  6. Select Select Game Data and look for the android/data/com.csrevolution.mobile folder (then select OK)
  7. Use Hackshield to be smooth when playing.
  8. For videos you can see the video below.


CSR Family

Email: csrmobile.faq@gmail.com

Thank you, I hope you enjoy this Counter-Strike Revolution Mobile game, keep supporting this Mod so that it grows. Thank you for visiting this blog, don't forget to share it with your friends.

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