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How to Quickly Complete the Wrong Side of the Tracks Mission GTA San Andreas

Easy Way to Complete the Wrong Side of The Tracks MissionThe Wrong Side of the Tracks mission is one of the most difficult missions in the GTA SA (Grand Theft Auto San Andreas) game. This mission is a mission from Big Smoke which is located at Big Smoke House, Idlewood.

easy way to complete wrong side of the tracks
CJ dan Big Smoke Menembaki Vagos

About Wrong Side of the Tracks Mission

The flow of this mission is to go to Unity Station with Smoke, then ride a Sanchez motorbike with Smoke then chase and finish off the Vagos, after that take Big Smoke back to his house. Carl meets Tenpenny and Pulaski who leave Big Smoke's garage. Smoke says he has to go to Unity Station, together with Carl.

Upon their arrival, Smoke explains that Vagos and San Fierro Rifa are about to have a meeting and Smoke plans to mess up the meeting. However, it turned out to be just a trap. The Vagos jump onto the carriages. 

CJ and Smoke immediately chase after them by driving Sanchez, while trying to avoid all obstacles such as the blockade of cars and trains coming from the opposite direction. CJ and Smoke manage to kill the Vagos before the train reaches the Frederick Bridge, which connects Los Santos to Las Venturas.

They then left the location and CJ took Smoke home. If the mission fails, Smoke will leave CJ screaming in annoyance.


This mission will be easier if you add additional Cheats such as weapons, unlimited bullets, and maximum hitman level, if you don't want to use it, that's fine, it's up to you. Okay, just go to the method, there are many ways you just have to choose.

First Way

  • The first way to complete this mission is using a sniper rifle.
  • Get away with the right distance and position from the front of the train get off the motorbike and shoot the train driver so that the train stops, with this the player can kill the Vagos easily.
  • Note: After the driver is killed, do not attempt to approach the train or it will automatically advance by itself.
  • Don't try to get off the motorbike and then climb on the Vagos, this is because the train goes very fast and will only waste ammunition.

Second Way (Easy Way)

  • It is more recommended that you use the cheat that I mentioned above.
  • If you have ridden the Sanchez motorbike, just live the train far away.
  • Then when you arrive at the gym area, you park the motorbike next to the train tracks, then you get off the motorbike, then prepare any weapons (preferably using a Sub Machine Gun or Assault).
  • When the train is approaching, you shoot all the Vagos on the train to death.
  • I recommend using SMG or Assault because they kill faster. Or maybe you want to use the Sniper it's up to you.
  • Stop in the area around the Gym as well because it is close to Big Smoke's house so it doesn't take long to complete this mission.
How, easy enough right? I think if we use the Second Way we only need about 1 minute to complete this Mission. And so many posts How to Quickly Complete the Wrong Side of the Tracks mission in GTA San Andreas in less than 1 minute. Thank you for visiting this blog.

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