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M1LGR4U Series PB For CS 1.6 CSCZ CSPB (PC and Andriod)

This post shares a M1LGR4U skin mod series from Point Blank for Counter-Strike 1.6, Condition Zero, CSPB, CS Revolution. This mod can be used on Android as well as PC.

About M1LGR4U Series

The M1LGR4U skin was made by the Brazilian Point Blank troopers, TMG, named "TMG (Tarantula M1LGR4U)". Designed with arrow line design in yellow pattern.

I don't know the meaning of the M1LGR4U, whether it's an abbreviation or something, I didn't know until now. For those of you who know what the M1LGR4U means, please comment below.

List of Mods

The M1LGR4U skin consists of:
  • AUG A3 M1LGR4U 
  • Bone Knife M1LGR4U 
  • CheyTac M200 M1LGR4U  
  • Kriss SV M1LGR4U
  • P90 Ext M1LGR4U 
  • SC-2010 M1LGR4U 
  • Tactilite T2 M1LGR4U 

Screenshots and Video

I will provide a collection of screenshots and videos so that you are not curious, below are the screenshots and videos.

m1lgr4u pb for cs 1.6 cscz cspb
aug a3 m1lgr4u pb for cs
bone knife m1lgr4u pb for cs
Cheytac m200 m1lgr4u pb for cs
kriss sv m1lgr4u pb for cs
p90 m1lgr4u pb for cs
sc-2010 m1lgr4u pb for cs
tactilite t2 m1lgr4u pb for cs

Link Download

Just go ahead without saying much we go to the download link.

Password: wildanwiarta


Zepetto, Valve, Skript47, Abu Jafar, KeenHide, Balistic, Hessho, FeAr, Black Ranjau, FeAb, Wildan Wiarta, Next-gen dan Crew Counter Strike Revolution

Please comment in case of errors or under credits. Don't forget to share it on your social media and also with your friends. Thank you for visiting this blog, enjoy playing and enjoying this mod.

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