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OA-93 PB For CS 1.6 CSCZ CSPB (PC and Android)

Point Blank's OA-93 mod for Counter-Strike 1.6, Condition Zero, CSPB, CS Revolution. This OA-93 mod can also be used on PC and Android platform CS games. In this mod, a quick change weapon is also available, of course, with some cool PB character hands.

About OA-93

The OA-93 is an AR-15 derivative pistol manufactured by Olympic Arms . Lacking a buttstock or buffer tube, the OA-93 disperses recoil through a specially designed flat top upper receiver similar to the Armalite AR-18.

The passage of the 1994 Crime Bill however required Olympic Arms to perform modifications to the basic design to continue selling them.

The first revision to the OA-93 was the OA-96 in which a 30-round ammunition well is pinned and welded in place so that it cannot be detached. In addition, the OA-96 has a button in the rear which opens the upper receiver and can then be loaded via stripper clips. Source

Screenshots and Video

Link Download

Here is the download link from the OA-93 PB for CS via Mediafire.

Password: wildanwiarta

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