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SC-2010 PB For CS 1.6 CSCZ CSPB (PC and Android)

Hello everyone, at this time I will share about SC-2010 Point Blank for Counter Strike 1.6, Condition Zero, Counter Strike Point Blank, Counter Strike Revolution and Counter Strike Extreme. And this mod can for PC and Android.

As usual, I will share with the normal version and quick change, and of course also with some PB character hands. Like Reinforced Hide, Tarantula, Keen Eyes, Rica Lopez, and Leopard. Remember, this mod can be for CS 1.6, CSCZ, CSPB both on computer or mobile or Android.

I also gave a bonus for this mod, namely SC-2010 PBWC 2018 and also SC-2010 PBST ES, which consists of Tero and CT characters, and of course also with Quick Change.


SC-2010 is a weapon originating from Peru with improvements based on FN FAL weapons, having a high degree of accuracy in long-range combat.


Muhammad Hisyam ( Blck Rnjau )
Abd Rahman
Luthfi Asta ( Balistic ) 
Abu Jafar

Screenshot and Videosc-2010 pb for cs

Link Download

Google Drive



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