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Zepetto Series PB For CS 1.6 CSCZ CSPB (PC and Android)

Download Weapon Pack Zepetto Point Blank Beyond Limits for Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS 1.6), Condition Zero (CSCZ), Counter-Strike Point Blank (CSPB), Counter-Strike Revolution (CSR), etc.

About Zepetto Series

Zepetto is a special series made by Point Blank developers, Zepetto, to celebrate 10th Anniversary of Point Blank online games. This series is the series with the highest number of weapons in Point Blank, which consists of more than 30 weapon models.

List of Mods

The following is a list of weapons from the Zepetto Series that can be used for your Counter-Strike both PC and Android.
  1. AK Sopmod Zepetto
  2. Arabian Sword Zepetto
  3. AS-50 Zepetto
  4. AUG A3 Silence Zepetto
  5. AUG A3 Zepetto
  6. Bone Knife Zepetto
  7. Brass Knuckle Zepetto
  8. C5 Zepetto
  9. CheyTac M200 Zepetto
  10. Colt Python Zepetto
  11. Desert Eagle Zepetto
  12. Dual Desert Eagle Zepetto
  13. Fang Blade Zepetto
  14. Karambit Zepetto
  15. Keris Zepetto
  16. Kriss SV Silence Zepetto
  17. Kriss SV Zepetto
  18. M1887 Zepetto
  19. M4A1 Zepetto
  20. Medical Kit Zepetto
  21. OA-93 Silence Zepetto
  22. OA-93 Zepetto
  23. P90 MC Zepetto
  24. P90 Silence Zepetto
  25. P90 Zepetto
  26. Pindad SS2 V5 Zepetto
  27. Raging Bull 454 SS5M Zepetto
  28. SC-2010 Zepetto
  29. SPAS-15 Zepetto
  30. Tactilite T2 Zepetto
  31. Zombie Slayer Zepetto
  32. Bonus Texture PGM Hecate 2 Zepetto & UTS-15 Zepetto

Screenshot and Video

Because there are so many mods from the Zepetto series, I didn't make a screenshot, maybe only 1 thumbnail and also 1 video.

Zepetto series pb for CS 1.6 CSCZ CSPB android PC

Link Download

Here is a download link from this Zepetto series.

Password wildanwiarta

Maybe that's just a post I made about the Zepetto Series mod for Counter-Strike, don't forget to share it with your friends and subscribe to the YouTube channel.

4 comments for "Zepetto Series PB For CS 1.6 CSCZ CSPB (PC and Android)"

  1. cara instal nya gimana bang? soalnya gua udah copas tapi ga berubah, soalnya nama file nya beda sama yang original

    1. Biasanya sih di rename dlu kak..
      Saya biasa Rename Kriss SV ke mp5, AUGA3 ke aug & sg552, Tactilite/l155a1 ke awp...
      Dan kak Wildan udh upload kok tutorial rename file (.mdl) nya..
      Search aja di kolom pencarian diatas kak...

  2. Kak kalo bisa bikin Aplikasi Macro XMBC buat CS wkwkk...
    Kalo gabisa gapaapa ga maksa kok wkwkwkwkek

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