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Pandora Series PB For CS 1.6 CSCZ CSPB (PC and Android)

Download Mod Pandora Series Skin form Point Blank Beyond Limits (PB) for Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS 1.6), Condition Zero (CZ), Counter-Strike Point Blank (CSPB), and Counter-Strike Revolution (CSR). This mod can for PC and Android device. In this mod include p, v, and w models with sounds.

About Pandora Series

Pandora is designed with dark purple texture with red pattern on the weapon. It has made based on the greek myth of Pandora.

List of Mods

  1. AUG A3 Pandora
  2. AUG A3 HBAR Pandora
  3. CheyTac M200 Pandora
  4. Kriss SV Pandora
  5. M1887 Pandora
  6. OA-93 Pandora
  7. Tactilite T2 Pandora

Screenshot and Video

Because there are so many mods from the Zepetto series, I didn't make a screenshot, maybe only 1 thumbnail and also 1 video.

Pandora Series PB For CS

Link Download

Here is a download link from this Pandora series.

Password wildanwiarta

Maybe that's just a post I made about the Pandora Series mod for Counter-Strike, don't forget to share it with your friends and subscribe to the YouTube channel.

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